Milan, 3rd of June 2019 - The first edition of Grand Road Italia Venezia-Montecarlo, the exclusive motoring event dedicated to modern supercars of all brands built between 1982 and 2019 and organized by Scuderia Mantova Corse, ended yesterday with great enthusiasm from all the participants.

After three days of competition over an itinerary of 1000 km, the crew composed by Davide and Matteo Penitenti (n.11), father and son hailing from Mantova (Tazio Nuvolari’s hometown), won the race, driving a performing Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR (640 hp). The crew maintained the leading position already from the second stage of the competition showing a great capacity and ability during all the tests.

“We are particularly excited to have participated to an original and unconventional race. The Grand Road is a wonderful experience that anyone owning a fast car should try, because it merges regularities and the desire to drive. My son has been a perfect co-driver and gave me an important support from a technological point of view: an experience that absolutely we have to repeat”. – underlined Davide Penitenti, winner of this first edition.

At the second place the crew composed by Orazio Rigo and Anastasia Zanoncelli (n.37) driving a Porsche 911, Rovesta Racing Team and Finservice’s stable. “It was a novelty for me that I’m used to historical cars, to compete with a modern one and appreciating its potential. A beautiful event, well organized by Mantova Corse that gave extreme attention to details and that ideated an appealing itinerary, enriched by amazing locations and high level hospitality”. – said Orazio Rigo. “A special thanks to the organization for having thought of an event characterized by an upright competition and where it is possible to rediscover a different way of sharing the same passion and being together”. – Added Guido Rovesta, CEO of Finservice.

At the third place Ermanno De Angelis and Annunziata Del Gaudio (n.9), driving an Alpine A110. “We would like to congratulate with the organization for the challenging event. It was well organized and it contributes in growing our passion for these fast cars that often we cannot use as we would”. – said Ermanno de Angelis, 3rd classified.

A success made possible thanks to Editoriale Domus together with Quattroruote, Ruoteclassiche, Yougtimer, Top Gear and Alfa Romeo.

Among the top drivers taking part to the race, Giordano Mozzi driving a Ferrari 458, Giuliano Canè driving a Porsche 930 Turbo and Gianmaria Gabbiani with a Maserati Ghibli.

At its Zero edition, the event made its first appearance on the international automotive market with a very innovative and exquisitely glamorous format. The founders commented: “After many years in the historic motoring scene as organizers of Gran Premio Nuvolari, we decided to bring into existence a product that would give the opportunity to owners of modern Supercars to enjoy the potential of their car, together with the beautiful landscapes of the northern Italian, in a setting of excellent hotel and restaurant hospitality”.

The Grand Road aims to become over time a point of reference for the large network of sports car enthusiasts, creating a social occasion marked by a high convivial, tourist and sporting value. “After so many years in the historic motoring world as organizers of Gran Premio Nuvolari, we decided to bring into existence a product that would give the opportunity to owners of modern supercars to enjoy the potential and comfort of their cars and, at the same time, of the beauties of the Italian territory, all in a setting of hospitality of the highest level.” – comment the creators of the Grand Road: Claudio Rossi, Luca Bergamaschi and Marco Marani.
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