Gran Road Italy

Gran Road Italy

Grand Road 2019
International Touristic Modern Regularity Event
open to Supercars of all brands.

The “Grand Road Italia” is the new event conceived and developed by Mantova Corse, the same organization that has been arranging Gran Premio Nuvolari for 29 years. 
The event is open to modern Supercars of any brand, built from 1991 to day. The 2019 edition offers an incredible journey between Venice and Montecarlo, connecting through an imaginary 1.000-km-long bridge the Adriatic Sea with the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The “Grand Road Italia” binds two main souls: tourism and regularity. That’s the perfect event for those who are not well-acquainted with car races, but that wish to experience the unique pleasure of driving their beautiful car in wonderful surroundings. 

Venice, Lake Como, Tourin and Montecarlo are the four exclusive locations chosen as starting and arrival points of the three stages of the rally. The route that connects the stages runs along a panoramic path that has been carefully selected to enhance the natural beauty of the Italian and French landscapes, that will fascinate participants coming from all over the world.

Guided tours between the Alps, lakes and epic circuits such as the Autodromo di Monza will test the crews' regularity skills, highlighting the qualities of modern supercars. 

Élite evenings in magical places will delight participants at the end of the challenging days of the event.
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