Technical info


The Driver n°1 (Pilot) and The Driver n°2 (Co-Pilot), needs to have the following documents:

Driving Licence 
  1. Italian drivers: Sport License issued by ACI Sport;
  2. Foreign drivers: Sport Licence issued by the own National Sport Auto Association

    (For foreign competitors who are not provided with a Sport License, there is the possibility to request the "Tessera di regolarità A.C.I. Sport", which is valid only for an event. It includes also a personal insurance. It can be obtained by checking the appropriate box during the enrollment procedure.)
  3. Health certificate: a medical statement of health and fitness for non-competitive sports (with ECG tracking) drawn up by a doctor.

Admitted vehicles

The event is open to modern Supercars of any brand, built between 1991 and 2019. Furthermore, the "Historic Group" will be constituted for a maximum of 35 supercars produced from 1982 to 1990.
Raggr. Hist.: 1982 - 1990
Raggr. 1: 1991 - 2000
Raggr. 2: 2001 - 2010
Raggr. 3: 2001 - 2019

During the sport checks, the following documents of the car need to be shown:
  1. Registration certificate of the car;
  2. Car insurance.


The route is organized in 3 stages, for a total of 1000 km between Venice, Lake Como, Turin and Montecarlo.


From May, 30th to June, 2nd 2019.


The final ranking will be drawn up on the basis of the penalties scored by the competitors during the Average Speed trials, the Chrono trials and the Time Controls:
  • the “Average Speed trials” have a minute second of precision, and they will be performed on low-traffic roads, open to normal traffic and in full respect of  the Rules of the Road.
  • The “Chrono trials” have a hundredth of a second precision, and they will be performed on circuits and racetracks. The ability in these kind of trials consists in driving the first lap at a freely chosen speed, and in repeating the same time in the following laps. 
  • The “Time Controls” have a minute precision, and they will mark the time of the various stages (“sectors”), imposing punctuality to the competitors.

Registration period

From January, 14 th to May, 15 th  2019
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